Research and Destroy

Multi-disiplinary studio, working acorss identity, digital design, and web development. See a selection of recent projects below, or contact us to talk about how we can help you start something new, or build on what you have :-)


Intoducing Mixcloud's new Creative Agency to the World

Hen's Teeth Studio

Hen's Teeth Studio's new client services offering

Concrete Collar

Page builder for designing and sharing project content

The Martin Brothers

Visual archieve for Netflix's "Léa & I" soundtrack

FMLY Agency

Identity design with splitscreen Arist booking platform

Church of Sound

Advertising and archiveing performances from London's underground scene

Lunch Money Life

A "Video Game" for Lunch Money Life's single Super Ego


A platform for designing and sharing case studies

Touching Bass

Ongoing colaberative project with the London based collective

Fiona O'Neill Studio

Identity design and online collection archive with store

Hen's Teeth Store

Custom Shopify theme for Lifestyle and Art store

NYX Drone Choir

Layed scroling content for Abelton Loop Artist

Concrete Collar

Interview format for Concrete Collar's Blog

Email us to talk about a new project, or visit our Hackney Studio. We're currently working with:

  • Mixcloud
  • Balamii Radio
  • Joshua Gordon
  • Lunch Money Life
  • Fiona O'Neill Studio
  • Dr. Martens
  • Kojaque
  • Touching Bass
  • Church of Sound
  • All City Records
  • Skateistan
  • Hen's Teeth
  • FMLY Agency
  • Concrete Collar
  • Albert Hooi
  • GEM Helsinki
  • William Baker
  • Beach Skateboards
  • The Martin Borthers
  • South Wind Blows